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How selling changes thanks to neuroscience and persuasion techniques

Thursday, February 14, 2019
Time: 14:00 - 17:45
For a fee, Intensive workshop


Do the most recent neuro-scientific researches confirm or deny traditional selling techniques?

For about 15 years the economic theory has been "shaken" by scientific evidences of neuro-scientists and experimental psychologists showing what common practice has always claimed, but economists have always rejected: when we purchase something, we usually adopt "non-economic" and irrational behaviors while thinking we are making the right and reasoned choice. Unconsciously, we are at the mercy of emotions and prejudices. And sellers? The most experienced ones use persuasion techniques and emotional intelligence, the others are at the mercy of their emotional state, like customers.

Roberto Tiby, expert and supporter of such topics since the very beginning, offers an approach to sales that combines traditional techniques and the most modern neuroscientific discoveries in a process he calls "Sales Pyramid": five steps to face sales with awareness and effectiveness.

• Creating a relationship of mutual trust
• Searching for values, fears and purchase style
• Presenting implications and solutions with persuasion techniques
• Anticipating, managing and getting over objections with emotional intelligence
• Keeping after-sale contacts
Each step of the pyramid will be faced with practical examples and the theoretical-scientific sources that support them.

Addressed to: marketing and sales managers

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