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A40 | Pad. 26

Production of accessories for swimming pools and street furniture

Founded in 2001 by Mr Giovanni and his passion for ArteCemento products, for over twenty years it has been engaged in the production of edges, components and flooring for swimming pool spaces that embrace the timeless classic taste to reach the modern and minimal luxury. The ArteCemento products are born from a constant search for high-quality and valuable materials that are durable over time, with particular attention to design and customer satisfaction. ArteCemento offers a wide range of edges, components and tiles in various colours and models with an attractive design, in concrete and reconstructed stone. Our solutions comply with all European regulations. The company also has a sector entirely dedicated to street furniture and private construction for creating large-scale works, renovations and decorative elements, specialising in the recovery of period buildings and residences, interior furnishings and artefacts also on request. It also offers proposals for elegant, contemporary and functional models of concrete benches that blend perfectly with urban spaces, parks and squares.

Technical sponsor of the experiential area La Piscina nel Paesaggio (Hall 26 - Stand A40)