Laboratory Pool Area | ForumPiscine

The beating heart of ForumPiscine 2022 will be the Laboratory Pool Area, an equipped space set up within the Expo, designed by the magazine PiscineOggi together with the Laboratory of Epidemiology and Biotechnology of the University of Rome “Foro Italico”, to conduct educational and cultural activities, and demos, on water as a resource in pools.


The Laboratory Pool – a 5×2.5 metre large, 130 cm deep, multifunctional treatment freestanding fiberglass structure, specifically designed for the conduction of sampling procedures, water parameter self-testing, simulations and demonstrations – will be installed right at the center of this area.

The Laboratory Pool Area will be supplemented by an arena-hall where congresses devoted to water will be held, together with the live shows planned for the three days of the trade fair.

The system will test, simulate and measure most control and functional options for a pool for public or home use. From a practical perspective, the Laboratory Pool will provide a facility where water quality and water treatments can be tested, but also colour tests may be conducted to assess the operation of plumbing lines. The technological equipment of the installation is connected with a software that will offer the public the opportunity to see the tested parameters displayed on a monitor in real-time.


During the three days of FORUMPISCINE, the Laboratory Pool Area will become a university classroom, a laboratory and an academy to promote the culture of swimming water. The activities will be coordinated by the “Foro Italico” Rome University, in cooperation with UNPISI, the technical association of workplace protection and prevention, and will be addressed to:

  • pool and spa managers
  • lifeguards
  • maintenance operators
  • installers
  • healthcare system technicians/engineers
  • laboratories
  • industry companies
  • students and graduates in motor and sport sciences
  • private individuals
  • experts of swimming pool technologies and hygiene.

The exhibitors operating in the sector of water analysis and treatment will be allowed to reserve the equipped area for the conduction of their own 20-minute Live Show (and be listed in the Official Live Show Program) by choosing one of the two following options: by the Laboratory Pool side, for direct interaction with water, or in the Workshop Room that will be set up in the same Area.

Requests for reservation should be sent by email to the Scientific Secretary’s Office of FORUMPISCINE ( no later than December 10, 2021, subject to availability at the time bands requested, by describing their Live Show project.