29 August 2023

ForumClub 2018: the Hi-Tech Lab

The latest innovation at ForumClub 2018, Gallery edition, will be the Hi-Tech Lab that, through conferences and exhibitions dedicated to the technology of the future, will examine the world, and the fitness, that'll come. With this new initiative, which will be one of the leading pillars of the three-day International Congress and Expo, the Forum reaffirms and strengthens its vocation to be a cultural observatory, which involves, not only at the exhibition level, many companies, some of which have already announced the launch of important new developments, of course with high technological content.

Hi-Tech Lab is the natural response to the profound and far-reaching change that is affecting everyone's lives, including users and club managers. A silent revolution that has just begun, redefining many rules of the game, creating new needs and new expectations, bringing challenges and great opportunities. To ride this wave that appears unstoppable, it's necessary to be constantly informed and updated and be able to imagine, and correctly interpret, a tomorrow that has already begun. At the dawn of the new digital era, the concepts of artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, algorithms and sharing economy - just to mention some of the emerging technological and social phenomena - can no longer be ignored. And the Forum will be an opportunity to learn more about them.