29 August 2023

ForumClub 2018: A whirlwind of Innovation

From February, Wednesday 21st to Friday, 23rd, 2018, ForumClub Gallery will turn his focus to technological innovation and the future of the fitness and wellness industry. The stage of ForumClub 2018 will be the elegant hall 33 of Bologna Fiere, where, on a whole new level, the International Congress, the Expo and the Open Program will work in close cooperation and synergy, to create a new event.


Buckle up and get ready to take off into the future. The 2018 - and 19th - edition of ForumClub will prompt the participants, without exception, to turn their gaze and attention to innovation and technological development concerning the fitness and wellness industry and, more generally, the daily life of our society. The International event, which will be staged in its Gallery version (introduced for the first time two years ago), will feature big news, and it'll be significantly distinguished from previous editions.

Coming back to the heart of the Bologna Fiere, but for the first time within the large and elegant Pavilion 33, ForumClub 2018 will take place in a unique setting, that will host the International Congress and Expo, and the Open programme, organized in collaboration with partners and exhibitors.


Il congresso


ForumClub will also be held in concomitance with ForumPiscine, the Italian salon dedicated to the aquatic compartment, which will focus on the latest generation of news and technology at the service of swimming pool managers, and especially for public use, among which are numerous fitness-wellness club.

Transversal to the two events will be the focus Questione di energia, devoted to the most effective solutions to optimize the management of the sports facilities and maximize energy efficiency.