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Italian Pool Design: the 7th volume of the collection

Italian Pool Design 7 will be presented during the IX edition of ForumPiscine. This is the last volume of the collection entirely dedicated to Italian pool design. It was conceived to underline the excellence of Italian pool design and construction all over the world: the Italian Pool Design collection offers trade operators the possibility to meet a series of recent pools (residential and commercial), with detailed information on water circulation, filtration, water treatment and heating, accessories, size, coverings and technical specifications.

A wide space is dedicated to pictures: from the beautiful pictures of the pool to sketches and technical drawings. It all comes with the full data sheet of the pools and accurate descriptions that guide the reader in the pleasant discovery of unique and awesome pools. Italian Pool Design 7 derives from the Italian Pool Award organized by Piscine Oggi magazine, for 45 years a point of reference for the pool sector. The 25 pools of the book were selected right among the candidates of the 2016 Italian Pool Award: the 6 winners (QC Terme, 3L Costruzioni e Impianti, Arch. Bianchetti – Architettura Tre, Euwork, Progetto Ambiente and Milla) along with other pools selected with a clear goal, i.e. shed light on the most characteristic pools.