29 August 2023

Phenomenology of the Success, a session with the Olympic champion Rossano Galtarossa and coach Edoardo Cognonato

"Success", Sir Winston Churchill once said, "is never final" as well as "failure is never fatal": "It is the courage to continue that counts." A life lesson ForumClub and ForumPiscine 2018 decided to translate into a session, which will feature on stage two exceptional guests: Olympic champion Rossano Galtarossa and personal leadership coach Edoardo Cognonato. They will unlock the secrets of an excellent performance, to discuss the importance of proper motivation, to analyze in a dynamic and exciting way the emotional and rational skills that trigger that sense of inner confidence needed to face all challenges, starting from the more demanding ones.

The public, therefore, will have the privilege of listening to the memories of a champion who has won an overwhelming number of medals, to hear him share in a human, intimate and extraordinary way experiences that have shaped the history of sports, in an incredible tale of successes.

Specifically, pillar of the session will be the theme of the motivational impact of the 'envisioning' ability: the ability to visualize and to keep focused on the final goal, the end game, activating and recovering the psychophysical energy and the right mental state, all fundamental characteristics that require, to function, continuity and attention to detail, especially in the face of adverse circumstances, fears, difficulties and insecurities.

"We will evaluate how important it is to respect Kai Zen's philosophy - the two speakers explain - the art of believing, planning and implementing little, continuous improvements, in small steps, though sometimes imperceptible or unlikely."

But not only: "We will find out how important it is to get to love discipline, how hard it is day by day to make friends with renunciations, fatigue, needed to live with courage those choices made with pride and fortitude which are the sacrifices".

The session well examine that feeling, extraordinary and fulfilling the same time, which comes from turning into "automated mechanisms" those physical and mental abilities that are the essence of the sport, those conditional features - coordinative and motivational - that become an integral part of one's personality and DNA. "Those are traits that once they have been acquired - Galtarossa explains - they accompany us during our life, beyond the sport."