29 August 2023

Two firsts for the Expo: Icaros and Enerfill

Among the many exhibitors of a rich and transversal Expo that will focus on the latest news from the fitness and wellness market, that's more active than ever, there are two interesting realities, both of them debuting at the ForumClub.

Icaros, a German company specialized in the production of gaming and fitness devices employing virtual reality, will present, in a preview for the Italian market, Icaros Pro, a unique tool with a gyroscopic design that allows to perform three-dimensional movements, giving the user the opportunity to interact with virtual worlds, even trying the feeling of flying. All this thanks to the mask-display to wear to experience different virtual games, using the apps for the Samsung Gear VR and the Samsung S6, S7 and S8 smartphones, as well as for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

Inkospor, a Tuscan company specialized, since 1982, in the production of food supplements for sport, wellness and fitness, will present Enerfill, a beverage provider for fitness clubs and sports centers, which allows the manager to propose to the clients customizable use methods (annual, half-yearly, daily or based on beverage delivery) at a very low cost. The sale of a few subscriptions allows you to get back from the cost of the device and generate a new profit center from the first dispensations of supplements. For example, the subscription of € 6.90 a month gives you unlimited access (from 30 cents) of Inkospor and water supplements and allows the club to increase its profits very easily.